A List of Promising Topics for Essay Writing

The best way to write a catchy essay is to pick an exciting topic. An interesting topic can attract your reader’s attention at the first word. We recommend that you take a look at some promising topics for your paper below:

  1. Should wealthy countries provide poorer nations with food and education?

    Decide who must be responsible for people who suffer from famine and have limited access to education – their governments or the whole world? Form a well-reasoned argument on whether the allocation of resources in the world is fair.

  2. Do zoos violate animals’ rights?

    Discuss some arguments for or against keeping animals in zoos; back up your position. You can argue that zoos can be useful for education if you support the idea of zoos, or you can say that zoos are cruel and animals suffer there.

  3. To what extent can government intervene in the rights of an individual in family planning?

    If you write an essay on this topic, you can provide some arguments about the reasonability of abortion prohibition or gay marriage legalization.

  4. What is the role of computers in our lives?

    People are already dependent on computers; all spheres of modern life are connected to technology. Talk about whether it is good or bad, how technological progress influences our work and workplaces, and if it makes life more convenient. Try to predict the roles of technologies in future.

  5. Should there be limits on car ownership due to air pollution?

    Since cars cause great environmental damage, is there just cause to limit car ownership? Or, is it better to encourage people to use public transport instead of private cars? Write about alternative forms of transport.

  6. Is using animals in scientific research acceptable?

    To what extent is the use of animals in research admissible? Are there alternative methods of research? Discuss it in your essay.

  7. How serious is the problem of migration in the 21st century?

    Write about different types of migration. Highlight the problems of immigration from developing countries. Explore the causes and consequences of this process.

  8. What is the role of the Internet in terms of communication between people?

    Does technology make communication easier? Can the Internet replace personal contact?

  9. Why do students decide to study abroad?

    Write about the main reasons of studying abroad. Think about the benefits and difficulties of studying in another country.

  10. What should governments do to develop a successful country?

    For example, should they promote education, or maybe improve industries and technologies? Form your own opinion.

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