The best ways to make your paper longer

What if you finished your paper, and you are ready to submit it, but the page numbers do not meet the requirements provided by your instructor? If you are in such a situation and want to make your paper longer, here are the tricks.

Try using a larger font. If your instructor did not provide a specific font to use, select Courier New, Cambria, or Arial, but do not exaggerate.

You can also adjust the size of the fonts. For instance, if asked to use 11 pt., you can use 11.2, 11.3, or 11.5 to make your paper longer. You can also increase the size of your commas and periods. You can achieve this by pressing CTRL+F on the keyboard. A find and replace window appears, select the commas and periods and convert them to 12pt.

You can change the spacing in your text also. When you are required to use the single or double spacing 

You can: open “Format” and “Paragraph” , select the line “Spacing” and click on “Multiple,” then choose either 1.1 or 2.1 in the dropbox.

Remember to have the right margin scale. For it not to be noticed, change it by a quarter. For instance, when asked to use a margin of 1.5 cm, making it 0.9cm. Achieve this by clicking “Format” and then “Document.” In the box next to “Right” insert 0.9.

Try increasing the margin at the bottom by a quarter. To make this happen, find the Document box next to “Bottom” and place 1.25. When you see it noticeable, reduce to 1.15.

Increase the spacing between your words in the text. It also increases page numbers. Open “Font” and click on “Advanced.”  In the “Expanded,” input 1.6.

You can also increase the header of your paper. Type in your name, the title of the essay, registration, name of the teacher, email, and the date. Make sure you include all the necessary information that may help you extend the header. Use double spacing.

Place the title of your paper under the header. Have it in a central position with increased font size. Do not forget to apply the double spacing.

You can also add a footer page that carries numbers too. It will make your text seem longer.

You have seen how to make essays longer with periods and commas. You can also do this with words. For instance, if you have a number in the text less than ten, spell it out instead of writing the numerals.

It is not a good idea to use short forms of a word in formal writing. Therefore, instead of writing “won’t,” write “will not” or “don’t” for “do not.”

You can also replace the specific nouns with names. For example, instead of writing “they” for known personalities, opt to use “Barack Obama and Mike Pence.” Remember not to exaggerate too.

Apply the use of descriptions in your paper. If you are giving out new information about something, make an extended description that touches the definition, specific numbers, and dates, or even names of persons or places.

You can also make short conclusions at the endings of each paragraph. You can do this by summarizing points and necessary, provide your opinion too.