A Guide to Choosing Great Narrative Essay Topics

College and high school students are mostly required to write a narrative essay in their English language exams or tests. Tutors use this kind of essay to assess students' overall knowledge, mentality, and their expressive skills. However, most of students can't come up with good essay wring on their own, that's why it is advisable to get cheap essay help online. This might be your best choice because you will save lots of time for more important things.

Writing a narrative essay of high quality requires impeccable English and vocabulary. That aside, selecting a workable topic that can attract attention is critical. In this piece, we will take students through how to choose a theme for their next narrative essay. We will also make a list of some popular topics to reduce the burden of having to create a new idea.

Types of Narrative Essay

Before you start writing your essay or decide to pick a topic, know the kind of essay you are required to write. Is your tutor asking for a: ...

A storytelling narrative essay

If your instruction is to tell a story, then you are required to write about a life experience or an event you encountered. This can be a story of your way to the top, accident you witnessed, or a concert you attended. So, in general, it is a story of an experience that one way or the other has impacted your life. Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin is a perfect example of a storytelling narrative essay. It discusses the passing of the author’s father in an era of racial chaos. 

A descriptive narrative essay 

In a descriptive essay, the student is required to write about something. It could be about a person, place, event, or even one's emotion. Emotions can be expressed when writing such an essay. If you are looking for an example, try reading Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of a Moth.”

An investigative narrative essay

This type of narrative essay requires a student to solve an issue. So you may be required to find an answer to why an event keeps happening or why people do a particular thing, among others. Such an essay requires some research, definition, examples, evidence, and analysis of the subject. Want inspiration, read The Braindead Megaphone by George Saunders. The author investigates the media and political landscape of the US with results that may surprise you.

A Persuasive narrative essay

Writing a narrative essay that requires you to persuade your audience may look like an investigative essay. However, with this, you are required to write for or against a subject matter or make a choice between two things. You then try to persuade your readers to side with you. “The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin is an example of such an essay.

Examples of narrative essay topic

  • Now that you know the different types of a narrative essay let’s go through some topic examples.
  • Living away from my family
  • My first childhood experience that helped my development 
  • My role model as a child
  • The most memorable event of my life
  • The biggest mistake of my childhood
  • Growing up in the city of New York
  • My First Time Away from Home
  • The first time I fell in love
  • The day I accepted life was not all rosy