How to predict the length of an essay

You can gauge the length of an essay considering the number of words used and pages consumed. A standard length of an essay will depend on instructions fronted in the question. Some questions restrict a certain number of words to write. Other questions are open without restrictions. With or without these restrictions, writing a long essay isn’t a walk in the park. It requires practice to sharpen writing and reading skills that are essential. A sharp student will find it easier. Good essay writing depends on the student’s abilities and creativity. When you are creative, then you will find that writing a three thousand word essay will be easy. A student has to do thorough practice and read a lot to improve on his or her language. It will be of importance in writing an essay. Different colleges have their fonts and settings that they need students to use in an essay. At times instructions are not set for the length of the essay. At this stage, it will depend on the understanding of the topic to predict the length of the essay.

Length of essays

Essays have different lengths depending on the type. Essays in different incidences have varied lengths to the specific incidences. To know the length of the essay, you have to understand the subject in question. Some subjects need a detailed and long essay, while others need a short essay. Also, the type of essay will determine its length. Argumentative and a synthesis essay are longer.

Many colleges need their students to write an essay during admission. Such kind of essay will have a different length with an essay done during exam time and a research essay. An exam essay will be a short one. Its length depends on the points that you have on that particular question. The number of marks awarded will also depict its length. For example, if the essay has 20 marks, then its length should be around 400 words. Exam essays may go down to 250 words. It will depend on the instructions given in the question and the marks awarded. Time awarded to tackle an exam also will restrict the length of the essay. If the time frame is exactly 30 minutes, then the essay will not go beyond 350 words, whether written or typed. The longer the time, the longer the exam essay. In other scenarios, you have a longer time but get instructions to write a short essay. The extra time will be of use in the proofreading and depicting mistakes. You will have enough time to correct all your mistakes and submit quality work. 

College admission essays come with instructions in most incidences. You receive instructions that pin you down to be able to check the kind of student they are admitting. Instructions will base on the number of words you have to use. When given a lot of words on a topic that has less information, then creativity has to feature in. Ensure you meet the required least number of words.

Essays in high schools are assignments and examinations. The high school essay length will range between 300 and 1000 words in total. The words and format instructed will determine the pages used. At times colleges use instructions to govern the length of the essays. 

When given an essay, take a keen look at the instructions given to stay within the required range. If the instructions are open, then the timeframe and the type of essay will depict the length of your essay.