Practical Advice On How To Craft An Essay About Food Prices

As a teenager, you don’t have many responsibilities except school. You don’t have to buy food in the house and you don’t have to pay for bills. That’s why very often you don’t realize how much groceries cost. You colleagues are in the same situation, and to help everyone you can write an essay on this theme. They will value their parents more and you can learn how to manage your funds in the future. Check the ideas presented by MyCustomEssay before writing:

  • Don’t be judgmental. You will talk about food, so everyone will feel involved in this subject. You just have to discuss the price of the food, not to tell them what they should not should not eat. If someone wants to spend more on chocolate and someone else is vegetarian, this is completely their personal choice and you don’t have to get involved. Remember that you also spend money on things that might seem useless for other people.
  • Why are the prices high? You can make a simple exercise with your colleagues to see exactly how high the prices are. Take a product that you all know and try to calculate how much it costs to produce it. You will notice that the amount of money necessary for production is not even half of the price in the story. The problem is that the product needs to be packed, and the seller will pay fees for the government. After this, the store will increase the price again to make some profit. So on and the product becomes twice more expensive than it should be.
  • The prices of food encourage stealing? This is a reality that no one wants to think about, but some families can’t afford food. They have no other alternative, as with the minimum wage they can barely pay for rent. In this situation what should they do?
  • World hunger. Many companies produce food with very small costs, but they sell them with expensive price. If these companies would not increase the prices they could sell the food in undeveloped countries, where people don’t have many choices when it comes to food. What is stopping them from doing this? It’s only about the profit, or they can’t do this because of the complicated international law? Think about a solution to end world hunger.